They SEE Everything!!!!

The Tree that just won’t R.I.P

Ok, so heres my problem… I’ve mentioned we have just moved right? (just a few times I’m sure lol) and whilst I am SO in love with our new home, it came with a massive – 30ft, branches and…

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I Will Bite Your Fingers If They Go Near My Food!

Get The Fuck Away From My Food!

I was watching Love Island the other night (honestly, I am so hooked on this show) and there was a moment in it where poor Terry just wanted to eat his food in peace, when the other half of his…

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Yellow candle

I Wont Live Forever…

Reading about the shooting in Orlando, and the mums and dads, and family members who had the agonising wait to find out about their loved ones, and having read the texts online that one guy sent to his mum, has…

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"Daddy.. Mums Being Weird Again!"

Daddy to Girls…

Our family consist of me (the fabulous, wine drinking, Goddess, in holey jogging bottoms) The husband (too young for so much grey, has to work 24/7, can never find his wallet or at least the cash that was in…

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Not you.... Me!!

I’m a shit friend!

I’m a shit friend! There I’ve said it! I. AM. A. SHIT. FRIEND! I would like to be able to add that I don’t know why, but that would be a lie, because I do know why…

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Dear Sister

After writing my Dear Husband poem for my guest post on Rhyming With Wine   I was totally inspired, and decided to continue my ‘dear…’ theme! See below.   We had a big birthday in the family this week, and now…

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Same Shit, Different Day!

No where left to go…

Has anyone else run out of things to do? Everyday, before school, after school, as soon as I open my bloody eyes every Saturday and Sunday morning the pre-teen is in my face, like an over excited puppy saying…

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Mission(ary) Impossible!!

Mission(ary) Impossible

So, here’s a question… why is it still impossible to have sex? The kids are getting older, daughter 1 (the teen) and daughter 2 (the pre teen) obviously have no idea what we like to get up to (occasionally…

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NOT what I think I look like! Believe me!

I AM a yummy mummy!

I’m going to lay it on the line now… I AM a stay at home mum to a pre-teen and teen, and *shock horror* I enjoy it!   BUT…..I am also the school run mum that puts…

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So Many Questions!?

Helping Hands!

We’ve all been there, we’ve baked the cakes, we’ve made the play dough, we’ve played the bloody nerf guns until they feel like paint gun bullets hitting us in the head, and we’ve got so…

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Celebrity Parent of the Week

After watching Loose Women this week, our celeb parent of the week HAS to be
Katie Price!
she's got FIVE kids, and we think she's great! Katie, we salute you!